It’s always worth it to educate yourself! However, it is also important to get a fair counter value for the money and time invested. At Corellia the goal of the courses is always improving practical work – we don’t train just for the sake of training!

Remember that the employer also has a right for education tax return!

Education tax return is a new tax return system, through which an employer can deduct the cost of training staff from the taxes paid. All Corellia courses are eligible for education tax return when employees are under a current contract.

More information on education tax return (in Finnish only):


vakuuta esimiehesi -pdf

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud product family is a tool set for design and communication experts and staying current with it is your best capital whether you work in print, digital or video media!

The best Adobe experts in Finland can be found in Corellia! Corellia has been an Adobe Authorised Training Center (AATC) since autumn 2013, which is proof that you are in the hands of experts!


Digital Publishing

The field of media has been under vast changes for a long time now. Digital publication and media consummation have changed and shaken the methods of the field – and even the structures of big media houses. The currents of advertisement money which are the source of life for the field are looking for new channels and subscription bases change. Corellia Helsinki is at the heart of these changes and will guide clients past digital shoals to the real goal!

Web Design and Techniques

Web designers now have a brilliant future and plenty of work opportunities ahead. During the history of the Web, there hasn’t been as a great a paradigm shift of web design as there has been during the current decade. A catalyst for the change is browsing and use of services via mobile devices, which will surpassed desktop browsing in many services – are you an active participant in this change?

WordPress Courses

WordPress is perhaps the most popular content management system in the world. Corellia courses include apt WordPress courses for all WordPress users, from bloggers to technical administrators, from corporate web designers to online store keepers. WordPress is a sure choice as an easily adaptable, expandable and responsive platform for all web applications.

Mobile and Web Applications


Web techniques make producing both mobile and web services and applications easier and faster than ever. The same well-known techniques can produce hybrid applications translated into native mobile applications by using already existing knowledge. If you can make web pages or web applications, with a little training you can make mobile apps too!

Video and Animation

Videos are power – and the popularity of video content keeps growing. Our video trainings are designed and executed by experts. At our courses you will learn how to produce working, effective and technically well-executed video content to different media, whether it’s about corporate communications, news or product introductions.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Traditional marketing strategies work poorly online. People rarely click on advertisements – instead users look for interesting content. It is easier to take over the Web once you understand its laws: content marketing, search engine optimising and social media strategy.