Corellia Helsinki is an Adobe Authorized Training Center in Finland

The best Adobe experts in Finland can be found in Helsinki at Vilhonkatu 5 A. Since autumn 2013, Corellia Helsinki has been an Adobe Authorised Training Center (AATC), which is proof that you are in the hands of true experts!

Adobe Authorized Training Center

Adobe Creative Cloud

Consulting, execution and other services

Corellia does not only train!

We believe in the power of doing! In case you have problems or challenges related to Adobe tools or publication processes, we will gladly come on location and find a solution to each situation. We will check all the processes and make sure everything runs smoothly!

Just training does not solve the customer’s problem. It prepares conditions for it, but does not give a solution. Corellia method is to survey the customer’s operational situation, plan a solution and choose a method for technical execution. We will first find out the need, then plan a solution and only then give the necessary training.

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