Adobe Animate CC

Flash Professional is now Adobe Animate CC!

Take a huge leap from static still pictures to inspiring banners! Animate CC is your tool when you want to create interactive animations for multiple platforms: it’s a comprehensive tool for producing expressive Web animation, banners and interactive content. During this one-day course, we will get familiar with the use of Adobe Animate CC and the necessary tools for making advertisement banners.

Utilise your earlier Flash knowledge producing HTML5 banners

Adobe Animate CC has a user interface similar to Flash Professional, with better features. The most important improvement might be publishing as HTML5 canvas element. Drawing features have also been improved, and in addition, the integration of Adobe Stock and CC libraries makes working more efficient. Those who have used Flash before will get a good review on this course along with the new features, and novice animators get a compact quick course in basic features necessary for making banners.

During the course you will learn to understand the properties and requirements of banners published in HTML5 format, and to prepare the banner you created with Animate for publishing. You will also learn to execute banners published according to material direction and link necessary clickTag codes after publishing.

During this course you will learn to:

  • Know the user interface and tools
  • Create simple animations
  • Import pictures from other programs
  • Format text and use Web fonts
  • Publish content in HTML5 format
  • Understand material direction received
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Duration: 1 d

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Target group:

Animate CC Course is for all those who execute advertisement banners for different platforms. The training is especially aimed at those who have previously used Flash Professional, but you can take the course even if Flash is unfamiliar to you. The course is especially fitting for print graphic designers, page layout workers or marketing and communication professionals who execute Web banners as part of their work.

HTML5 banner techniques

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaSript

HTML5 banners on websites

  • How to include HTML banner in the page code
  • Material directions and requirements for advertisement

How Animate CC executes HTML5 publications

  • Canvas technique
  • Activity on the website

User interface

  • User interface parts
  • Panels
  • Tools and menus

Drawing tools and drawing

  • Tools
  • Drawing interfaces
  • Shape and Path
  • Colours

Pictures and Animate CC

  • Importing pictures from other programs
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Optimising pictures for Web use
  • Adobe Stock and Libraries links

Text and typography

  • Text tools
  • Text formats
  • Web fonts and presentations


  • Timeline
  • Executing animations
  • Replay

User interaction

  • Click event
  • Inclusion of clickTAG following


  • Publishing formats
  • HTML5
  • About optimising

Course trainer

Kari Selovuo

Kari Selovuo

Partner, ACE Web Specialist, Adobe Certified Instructor
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