Adobe Creative Cloud Applications for Effective Work

Adobe Creative Cloud Applications are part of desk for more and more marketing and communication professionals. Basic skills in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat are also a valuable addition in a professional CV.

You can get the most out of the product package when you know how to use the effectivity and interplatform features built in the different platforms and Creative Cloud services. During the course you will learn, for example, how to make elements, settings, styles, effects, colours and colour settings and symbols work in the best way possible and move them from different platforms to the final product.

Course topics:

  • Default settings and synchronising them
  • Text styles and copying them between documents
  • Object styles in InDesign
  • Graphic styles in Illustrator
  • Saving the colours in different ways
  • Element libraries
  • Creative Cloud Market
  • Creative Cloud libraries
  • Symbols (Illustrator)
  • Pictures and graphics effectively in layout
  • Introduction to Photoshop automatization
  • PDF settings
  • Printable PDF from different programs
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Duration: 2 d

Price 995 € 

VAT 0%


Target Group

This course is meant for Adobe Creative Cloud users who want to ensure they have effective and nimble methods. The trainers in the course are Adobe Certified Instructor Juha Laamanen or Adobe Design Master Sampo Korkeila.

Photoshop as a tool

  • Picture size and resolution changes for different channels
  • Proper picture forms for different social media channels
  • Preparing a picture for InDesign layout
  • Colours and hues
  • Basics of creating clipping paths


  • The structure of an Illustrator document
  • Drawing elements
  • Symbols
  • Editing material
  • Logos
  • Maps
  • Saving in PDF


  • The structure of a good layout document
  • Master pages
  • Paragraph, symbol and object styles
  • Colour options
  • Template documents
  • Text, pictures and graphics in layout
  • Saving in PDF

Printable PDF

  • ICC profiles
  • Print settings
  • Job Options
  • Acrobat DC and PDF checking

Creative Cloud additional services

  • Installing programs, installation language
  • Taking advantage of the upload space
  • Sharing and commenting on documents
  • Creative Cloud libraries
  • Colour schemes
  • Typekit letters
  • Taking advantage of CC-Capture mobile application

Course trainers

Juha Laamanen

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Sampo Korkeila

Design Specialist, ACE Design Master
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Our intensive course teaches you to quickly take full control of Adobe Creative Cloud and learn the correct and essential methods to help you with your job.