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Adobe Illustrator Advanced Course – Intensive Course on Vector Drawing

For many, Adobe Illustrator is an important daily tool with which to create flashy graphics. This course will teach you to master your vector drawing program even better, and you get useful tips on how to make your working clearly more efficient..

During this course you will learn to:

  • Master vector drawing tools and skills
  • Utilise the various illustration tools of the program
  • Properly use the document structure, i.e. layers, groups and object properties
  • Vectorise pixel pictures by hand and automatically
  • Utilise other Adobe programs efficiently
  • Produce advanced graphics for print and Web environment
Adobe Illustrator

Duration: 1 d

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Illustrator Advanced Course is best fit for those who have already used the program for some time, to whom Illustrator user interface and basic features are already known. Some basic features will also be covered during the course, but it is done quickly to refresh memory and to fill possible holes.

Your trainer on this course is graphic designer Sampo Korkeila.

If you are not familiar with Illustrator already, choose Illustrator Basic Course.


Managing file work

  • Illustrator file formats
  • Using and managing document profiles
  • Colour management with Illustrator
  • Getting the right settings
  • Using Creative Cloud libraries
  • TypeKit letters

Document structure

  • Efficient use of layers
  • Sensible use of grouping
  • The secrets of the Appearance panel

Vector drawing

  • Review of the Pen tool
  • Efficiency hints for drawing
  • New features in drawing
  • Shape tools and adjusting them
  • Combining and separating shapes
  • Various formatting possibilities

Pictures and pixel graphics

  • Importing and using picture files
  • .psd files and Illustrator
  • Vectorising pictures by hand
  • Vectorising pictures automatically<
  • Rasterising vector graphics

Using text

  • Fine tuning typography
  • Possibilities of OpenType
  • TypeKit
  • Text frame settings
  • Using text styles
  • Text effects
  • Touch Type tool

Illustrator tools

  • Blends
  • Envelope distort
  • Fill pictures
  • Perspective
  • Gradient colours
  • Transparency
  • Brushes
  • Symbols
  • Graphic styles
  • Effects

New features

  • Live shapes rectangles, ellipses, polygons and lines (11/2015)
  • Shaper tool (11/2015)
  • Dynamic symbols (11/2015)
  • Shared libraries (12/2014)
  • Curvature tool (10/2014)
  • Join tool (10/2014)
  • Automatically scaling text frames (10/2014)
  • Live Shapes (6/2014)
  • Renewed Pen tool (6/2014)

Illustrator and mobile working

  • Creative people and mobile working
  • Adobe Capture CC (iOS&Android)
  • Adobe Comp CC (iOS)
  • Adobe Illustrator Draw (iOS&Android)
  • Behance Creative Portfolio (www)

Course trainer

Sampo Korkeila

Design Specialist, ACE Design Master
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