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Adobe InDesign Advanced Course – Take Over Difficult Layouts

Adobe InDesign is one of the corner stones of design and publishing. As it is a central tool, it is important to efficiently master the program. Although it is easy to learn the basics use of InDesign, one might get stuck with more difficult features. This two-day course teaches you how to build your layout on a proper base and automatize and notably optimise your work.

During the course you will learn to:

  • create proper layout bases noting efficiency
  • manage long documents and the features they require
  • manage typography in publications
  • work with pictures and graphics in a multifaceted way
  • create documents guaranteed to be printable
  • know the possibilities of electric publishing

You will also get a great number of practical tips to efficient working: often small everyday routines are the most essential for efficient work.

Adobe InDesign

Duration: 2 d

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The trainer for this course is hardboiled graphic designer Sampo Korkeila. He has used InDesign since it was first launched in 1999. Sampo has vast experience in different kinds of layout work from small advertisements to hundred-page books and electric publications.

Adobe instructor and expert certificates guarantee a high-level, professional and practical course

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Get your settings ready!

  • Colour control
  • Default settings in-depth
  • Get your desktop in order
  • Key codes

Page layouts

  • Document settings
  • Using master pages
  • Marginals and columns
  • Creating and using grids
  • Ruler guides
  • Row register
  • Primary text frames
  • Smart text threading

Managing typography

  • Tips for efficient use of styles
  • Paragraph styles
  • Symbol styles
  • Fine-tuning texts
  • Guiding hyphenation and rows
  • Getting to know the possibilities of OpenType
  • Using TypeKit fonts
  • Using symbols
  • Managing text frames

Managing long documents

  • Book feature
  • Table of contents
  • Index
  • Footnotes
  • Cross references


  • InCopyn hyödyntäminen
  • Korjausten seuranta


  • Taulukoiden luominen
  • Taulukkotiedon tuominen Excelistä tai Wordistä
  • Taulukon muotoilu
  • Taulukon tyylit

Editing tools

  • Using InCopy
  • Following editions


  • Creating tables
  • Importing tables from Excel or Word
  • Formatting tables
  • Table styles

Managing objects

  • Drawing graphics


  • InDesign colour schemes (CMYK/RGB)
  • Using the colour palette
  • Grouping colours
  • Pantone colours
  • Using colour themes

Getting ready for publishing

  • Colour profiles
  • Soft proofing
  • PDF settings

Electrical publishing

  • Possibilities of electrical publishing in InDesign

Formats and channels of electrical publishing

Sampo Korkeila

Graafinen suunnittelija, Adobe Certified Instructor, ACE – Design Master
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Often small everyday routines are the most important to make working efficient.