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Adobe InDesign Basic Course

Mastering layout programs has become a central part of the everyday work of marketing and communication professionals. Do you know how to fully utilise InDesign in your work? This two-day intensive course will give you the basic necessities of InDesign and give you speed and efficiency both to your work and collaboration with, for example, advertising professionals.

After Adobe InDesign Basic Course you can create material ready to be published in print or electrically in PDF form.

During the course you will learn to:

  • Use basic features of InDesign
  • Understand the most essential terms of graphic production
  • Create a newspaper ad or a flyer
  • Create a layout base
  • Edit existing material

If you want to use the most popular layout program in the world, but do not know how to utilise it yet, this course if for you! No earlier experience in using InDesign is necessary, just basic computer skills are enough!

During the course we will use the latest InDesign CC version, but the contents of the course apply also to users of CS5/CS6 versions.

Adobe InDesign

Duration: 2 d

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Basic terms of layout

  • Structure of the layout document
  • Master pages
  • Linking
  • Layout bases

Basic features: text

  • Text boxes and writing
  • Text formatting
  • Text styles
  • Linking texts
  • Importing texts (.txt .docx etc.)

Basic features: pictures

  • Importing pictures
  • Resizing and cropping
  • Links and their management

Basic features: graphic elements

  • Drawing tools
  • Colour fill and edges
  • Determining colours (graphic instructions)
  • Importing graphics from outside (logos, graphics, etc.)

Basic features: previewing and PDF

  • Preflight
  • PDF export

Exercise: newspaper ad to an existing base

  • Recruit advertisement

Exercise: creating an advertisement base

  • Styles
  • Colours
  • Structure

Exercise: flyer, 4 pages

  • Styles
  • Colours
  • Structure
  • Pages and master pages

Exercise: Getting acquainted with spread layout, customer paper

  • Special features of spread layout
  • Finishing touches of typography
  • Hyphenation and spell check
  • Page numbers

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Mastering layout programs has become an essential part of the daily routines of marketing and communication professionals.

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