Photoshop Basics – Basics of Photo Editing for Effective Work

Photoshop is a great application, and one can easily spend a work day or two playing around with it. However, work should be completed in a sensible time and there isn’t always time to get lost in software. This course concentrates on learning the most important features and method of Photoshop for marketing and communication professionals.

Two-day intensive Photoshop Basics teaches you the photo editing skills essential for your job and proper, effective methods. The course will also take a look at the most important picture formats and their differences (.psd, .tiff, .jpg, .png etc.).

At Photoshop Basics we use the latest Photoshop CC version, but the course content is also applicable to CS5/CS6 users.

During the course you will learn to:

  • Effectively manage photo material
  • Correctly change picture size and resolution for different needs
  • Fix the colour and hue scapes of pictures
  • Retouch pictures
  • Remove background from even difficult objects (e.g. hair)
  • Combine pictures, text, graphic elements and logos into banners and such!
Adobe Photoshop

Duration: 2 d

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Target Group

Photoshop Basics is specifically aimed at marketing and communication professionals and other who need basics of photo editing in their work.

Prerequisites for the Course

No previous photo editing experience is needed for participating in the course, basic computer skills are enough.

Basic concepts of photo editing

  • Resolution
  • Colour schemes (RGB/CMYK)
  • Picture formats
  • Colour profiles in layman terms

Photoshop as a tool

  • Getting to know the platform
  • Saving formats
  • Good practices

Adobe Bridge – getting the upper hand of picture management

  • Previewing pictures
  • Comparing pictures
  • Meta information and search terms
  • Practical exercises

Resizing pictures for

  • Printed products
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Web (Save for Web)
  • Practical exercises

The hue of the picture and colour fixing

  • Tools
  • Fixing the huescape
  • Adjusting the contrast
  • Fixing the colours
  • Getting the skin tone right
  • Practical exercises

Retouching and fixing

  • Main principles
  • Tools
  • Good practices
  • Fixing portraits
  • Examples and exercises

Clipping path, i.e. removing the background

  • Most important tools and principles
  • Selections
  • Editing selections
  • Refine Edge
  • Difficult objects (e.g. hair)
  • Saving formats and transparency
  • Exercises

Picture combinations

  • Layers and managing them
  • Editing elements
  • Exercises


  •  Using Image Processor


  • A look into the possibilities of video editing

Juha Laamanen

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Sampo Korkeila

Design Specialist, ACE Design Master
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Kari Selovuo

Kari Selovuo

Partner, ACE Web Specialist, Adobe Certified Instructor
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