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The triumph of iOS products in the world continues. More than a billion copies of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch have been sold, and the application ecosystem around them is a unique phenomenon in the scale of world economy, and it is soon joined by Apple Watch.

Apple ecosystem is the most lucrative for coders

Applications fill new roles in our lives at a speed that hardly anyone would have expected when the first iPhone was launched in 2007. iOS products offer the most appealing ecosystem for application developers, as it brings the greatest profit for developers. Application development for Apple platforms is profitable and fun, thanks to world class development tools and clear coding surfaces.


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Swift programming language

In 2014, we got, alongside Objective-C language that had served us well for decades, new and sleek Swift language, which has notably lowered the stairs for stepping into Apple application development even if one isn’t a C virtuoso. The main programming language on this course is Swift, but we will also look at Objective-C where necessary.

During this course you will learn:

  • Basic structures of Swift language
  • To utilise Xcode programming environment
  • Basic structure and navigation of iOS applications
  • The most central user interface components
  • Internal communication mechanisms of the application
  • Auto Layout: flexible positioning of the user interface
  • To utilise mobile connections
  • To utilise location and map services
  • The basics of application plug-ins (including Apple Watch)
  • To package and publish an application

Course trainer

Janne Käki

Janne Käki

  iOS application development expert Janne Käki, M.Sc. (Tech.), is one of the most experienced developers of iOS applications and trainers of iOS application development in Finland. He has worked as a full-time iOS application developer since 2010, having been involved in the development of more than fifty applications. He has also taught the basics of making iOS apps to more than a hundred people.

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The iOS ecosystem offers the most appealing market for application developers, as is brings in the greatest profit for developers.