Web design and development courses

WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design and other web designer techniques and tools at the guidance of an expert.

The need to understand the techniques and codes of the Web is part of the job for many people, regardless of whether one thinks of oneself as a web producer or not. Understanding web techniques helps one design web pages and their content as well as business. Moderate understanding of code makes it possible to recognize problem areas regardless of the content control system used in the web publication. By understanding the basics of HTML and CSS, one can do much editing on the look and content of websites executed with WordPress. When you have mastered the basics, you can press “publish” or update” without worrying what will happen to the website.

In our course selection, you will find applications for design, management or technical execution. Take a look at the course contents, and if you are uncertain about the course being suitable for you, as directly from our trainer in this area, Kari Selovuo. Send mail to the address kari@corellia.fi

We train either in our own class in the center of Helsinki or we are glad to come to the customer if necessary!

Mobile First ja Web-suunnittelu

Design, Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Web Accessibility, 1d

Web Production, Tools and Applications

Other Web Courses

Did none of the previous courses meet your needs? Are you interested in a different topic, product or technique?

We are willing to consult and train techniques in a much wider variety than has been listed above.

Possible topics are, for example,

  • JavaScript
  • jQuery & jQuery Mobile
  • CSS Pre-processor Techniques LESS & SASS
  • PHP

It’s always worth a while to ask for the topic you need even if it’s not on our list. Our network includes experts in many fields.

Consulting, execution and other services

Corellia does not only train!

We believe in the power of doing! In case you have problems or challenges related to Adobe tools or publication processes, we will gladly come on location and find a solution to each situation. We will check all the processes and make sure everything runs smoothly!

Just training does not solve the customer’s problem. It prepares conditions for it, but does not give a solution. Corellia method is to survey the customer’s operational situation, plan a solution and choose a method for technical execution. We will first find out the need, then plan a solution and only then give the necessary training.

Read more about our services here.