HTML and CSS in Full Throttle

HTML and CSS develop quickly, and browsers have started supporting new features, through which executing websites can be done even more smartly. There are new positioning techniques, selectors and measurement units in CSS language. Using these effectively can make your work much easier. This course will teach you good practices on how to execute code in a way that makes it easily managed and formatted in the future as well, and how to make sure your website works in all browsers.

During the HTML and CSS Advanced Course you will learn

  • New CSS positioning techniques; Flexible box and CSS Grid
  • To use scaling text
  • To utilise new features of CSS (e.g. feature queries, calc()…)
  • To add genuinely responsive pictures (pictures that change based on the size of the screen) on you pages

Target group

The course is for all those participating in website production, who want to take their knowledge from basics to a higher level. Learning on the course takes place hands-on.


It is enough to know the basics of HTML and CSS.

HTML5- ja CSS3-kurssi

Duration: 2d

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What is new after Basics?

  • Rarer HTML elements
  • Good practices for executing page structures

Managing and formatting tables

  • Tables and usability
  • Formatting tables
  • Responsive tables

SVG vector graphics on websites

  • vector vs. pixel graphics
  • scaling
  • attaching SVG files
  • SVG and animation/events

Responsive pictures on websites

  • Producing pictures for websites
  • Technique for responsive pictures; changing pictures – not scaling them
  • Picture element
  • srcset and sizes

CSS Flexbox positioning

  • browser support and uses
  • features of container elements
  • features of child elements

CSS Grid positioning

  • browser support and uses
  • Grid technique, features

Different CSS positioning techniques together, sample page

  • float and absolute positioning
  • Flexbox components on the page
  • CSS Grid as the page layout base

New features of CSS make formatting more flexible

  • Scaling text
  • New measurement units
  • Dividing space by calculation, calc() function
  • feature queries, @supports

The topics of this course are practiced by creating a website, where all the topics are used in a way that when you leave the course, you will have a number of examples of how to utilise different techniques in practice.

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Kari Selovuo

Kari Selovuo

Partner, CPWA saavutettavuusasiantuntija, Adobe Certified Instructor
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