Course on HTML and CSS Techniques

HTML5 and CSS3 are the new black of communication. The lingua franca, with which both publishing and applications are executed. Success in most jobs requires mastering HTML on at least the basic level. Knowing HTML and CSS techniques is especially important for all content producers, marketing and communication professionals.

If you think that tools, content management systems or the coders in the basement take care of the code for you, it’s time to wake up to today. It is necessary to know the basics of the technique as a designer even if it’s just to understand what execution requires. By understanding HTML code you can only win; you make content producing easier or designing more effective. Code is behind it all!

HTML Basics for Web Publishers

This course is for all those who might need web publishing in their work, but are not yet familiar with the techniques. For most people, it is enough to get to the level of “tourist Italian”, which is easy to reach. This course will teach you all the essentials of even the newest features of HTML and CSS.

During this course you will learn

  • How the Web works and browsers show the page
  • To build websites using correct HTML elements
  • To position content on the page
  • To execute websites that work on mobile appliances
  • To format appearance with CSS styles
  • The basics of Web Design and usability

Duration: 2d

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It is easy to learn the basics of HTML and CSS

When you understand how the basic and how the technique works, you can relax when managing web content, produce new content or design websites. There is no need to fear changes will break the pages and you can even fix possible bugs yourself. For designers, knowledge of the techniques gives them the best view on making correct design decisions and negotiate execution with coders. Life becomes easier.

The content of the course is aimed especially for content producers, marketing and communication professionals, advertisers, graphic designers or anyone who design websites, their content or execute them.

For this course, it is enough to have an excited and fearless attitude towards technique. You do not have to have written any “code” before. Your experienced trainer will guide you from the basics to executing a whole website. Your trainer, Kari Selovuo, has an ability to speak code in layman terms.

Web structures

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Operational Model of Web

HTML language

  • Current state and versions of HTML
  • Structure of an HTML page
  • Types and behaviour of elements: block vs inline
  • How a browser draws a page
  • Various browsers and their differences

Title information of an HTML page

  • Document type
  • Meta information
  • Links

Structural elements

  • Execution of page structure
  • Correct use of elements
  • Titles and subtitles
  • Influence on search engine optimising

Text level elements

  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Paragraphs
  • Grouping content
  • Formatting appearance with CSS styles

Pictures and other media

  • Pictures on websites
  • Videos on websites
  • Sounds on websites


  • About designing forms
  • Form fields: choose the correct input type for the input field
  • Formatting forms, CSS

CSS styles and formatting

  • Syntax of CSS styles
  • Positioning page content
  • Write your CSS styles correctly, avoid administration problems
  • New features of CSS
  • Animation with styles

Functionality of the site

  • What is JavaScript
  • Do I need to know how to program; ready-made solutions easily used
  • Pitfalls to avoid

Publishing of the site

  • The process of publishing websites
  • Tools and resources for page designers and developers
Kari Selovuo

Kari Selovuo

Partner, CPWA saavutettavuusasiantuntija, Adobe Certified Instructor
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