JavaScript and Basics of Programming Course

JavaScript is a language executed on a browser, through which things that are not possible with HTML or CSS can be executed. During this course you will learn the basics of programming, syntax and correct use of JavaScript language as well as apply the things learned on practical needs on a website. This course is a good basis for starting a more in-depth application development.

Web designers can improve their know-how and work possibilities by increasing their skills into programming. Possibly the most important programming language of the day is JavaScript, which is one of the basic techniques of the Web. HTML and CSS alone cannot do everything! In addition to JavaScript being the programming language of browsers, it is also used to execute whole web and mobile applications as server programming. There are multiple libraries in the JavaScript world that can be used to enliven websites or execute demanding solutions. All you need to use them is basic knowledge of JavaScript.

During our JavaScript Course you will learn

  • The basics and terms of programming
  • To attach your own and existing scripts from the web to your page
  • To know the operational model of JavaScript and its special features
  • To format web content dynamically
  • To check form data and format the appearance of a page
  • To know the most common JavaScript libraries

Target group

Web designers that want to know how to fully utilise web techniques and increase their skills in programming. Learning on the course is hands-on.


It is enough to know the basics of HTML and CSS.

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Duration: 2d

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Web techniques

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Browser support
  • Browser development tools

JavaScript intro

  • Versions
  • Terms
  • Use
  • Attaching code to a page
  • Existing libraries

Syntax of JavaScript

  • Variables and data types
  • Operators
  • Conditional structures
  • Switch
  • Repetition structures


  • Creating functions
  • Calling functions
  • Parameters and return values
  • Existing functions

Data structures

  • Tables
  • Managing tables


  • Properties
  • Methods
  • Use

JavaScript functions and scope

  • How JavaScript is executed on a browser
  • Visibility; functions and variables
  •  â€˜This’ keyword

Managing page content, DOM

  • Page structure DOM
  • Events and handlers
  • Creating content through programming
  • Formatting content

Advanced JavaScript

  • IIFE (immediately invoked function expressions)
  • Elementary types and objects
  • Creating objects
  • Heritability

A look into JavaScript libraries

  • Why and how libraries are used
  • What is gained from them
  • Common libraries

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Kari Selovuo

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