Managing a WordPress Website

All websites – regardless of technology used – require constant managing. Almost all hackings of WordPress websites have been due to lack of maintenance. Good maintenance is notably cheaper than fixing the mess afterwards. Managing WordPress does not require exceptional computer skills. Mastering the basics and certain routines is possible for people managing WordPress along with their main job.

Secure WordPress Website

The goal is to have a secure, efficient and well-managed website. These goals are not reached with the default set up, but some additional actions are required. With correct set up and management WordPress is a cost efficient and secure choice even for large websites.

Topics of the Managing WordPress Websites Course include

  • Best set up practices
  • Security actions after installation
  • File permissions of the server
  • Choosing and installing plug-ins
  • Secure management of the system
  • Updates and backups
WordPress ylläpitäjälle

Duration: 1 d

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Improving the security of a WordPress website

Installing WordPress is quick and easy; many services have it automated. However, leaving the default settings in is risky, because all online systems carry a security risk – there is no completely unbreakable system. Websites have been hacked and will be hacked in the future. Do your best to make sure your website is not one of them!

Correct installation and management of WordPress

With the correct installation and after-installation actions, the security and efficiency of a website can be greatly improved. When you choose your plug-ins correctly and plan the set up carefully, managing the system, making backups and updating become easy. Technically well-executed sites load faster, which improves position in search engine results.

Installing WordPress

  • Server requirements
  • Hosting services
  • Set up process
  • Configuration
  • WordPress index structure

Improving security

  • Permissions of files
  • Database links and passwords
  • Best settings for config.php
  • Additional security with .htaccess settings
  • Restricted access to administrative panel
  • Plug-ins that improve security

Users and security

  • User permissions
  • Roles
  • Password practices

 Improving the speed of the website

  • Utilising packaging on the server
  • Removing unnecessary script and optimising
  • Utilising cache

WordPress update strategy

  • Updating WordPress
  • Updating themes
  • Using child theme and personal settings
  • Updating plug-ins

Backup and restoration

  • Backing up a database
  • Using phpMyAdminin
  • Database backup formats
  • Backup of WordPress installation
  • Backup plug-ins
  • Backups directly to cloud services

What if a site has been hacked?

  • Possible scenarios
  • Looking for the fault on the website
  • WordPress website generation process and files
  • Fixing options
  • Re-installation or restoration from a backup copy

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WordPress is a secure content control system, but like other systems, only when it is properly managed.