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The field of media has been under vast changes for a long time now. Electric publication and media consummation have changed and shaken the methods of the field and even the structures of big media houses. The currents of advertisement money which are the source of life for the field are looking for new channels and subscription bases change.

We have helped many of our clients in undertakings, challenges and projects related to electric publishing, digital magazines, responsive Web and Adobe Creative Cloud. The best solutions are reached with a functional co-operation and truly relevant expertise.

Consulting, execution and other services

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During the inspection we will discover all the time consumers and distractors and produce a painfully honest report where all the cents are flowing! At the same time, we will find out why everyone is so terribly busy yet the results are not improving. The inspector’s report will also include the first bench marks for fixing the situation!

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Print is not dead yet, but smells funny already.
True multichannel communication requires that the message is available on paper, tablet, computer (all the more rarely) and all the more often also on smartphone!

During midwifery, we will research the needs of publishing or communication together with the client, and lead them to the correct solution and help them reach the goal. The result is a smooth and sleek process, which helps the same main message to be published efficiently on all desired platforms. This includes social media!

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Sometimes the best help is practical help. We also execute client work on demand. Our practical execution can be the execution of the entire project, subcontracting or small practical help when the client is outside their comfort zone. Our experts are also professionals on the practical level, not just in theory.

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