A Photographer, graphic designer, developer, filmmaker, editor…

Our specialists are all professionals in the subject they are teaching. You will be in good hands and get the best guidance and learn best practices of the subject.

Juha Laamanen

Juha Laamanen

CEO, Partner, Adobe Certified Instructor

For almost ten years, Juha has trained people into the secrets of Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. As a former photographer (e.g. Image Kustannus), Juha also has practical experience. As an expert, Juha emphasises being focused on solutions and practical experience. Consultation or training can only be successful if the goal in concrete. Juha’s motto: Towards the sound, with feeling!

Email: juha@corellia.fi
Phone: +358 40 171 3360

Sampo Korkeila

Sampo Korkeila

Partner, Instructor, Graphic Designer,  Adobe Certified Expert – Design Master

Sampo is an experienced graphic designer and a multifaceted trainer. Sampo started in the graphic field in 1995, and has been an independent freelance designer since 1998. Sampo ended up as a trainer half by accident in 1997, and ever since then he has been an active and well-known trainer in his field. Clients appreciate Sampo’s humane training and sharp ability to solve problems. In addition to Corellia, Sampo is a teacher in Aalto University (Visual communication design program).

Email: sampo@corellia.fi
Phone: +358 40 510 8032


Kari Selovuo, Partner, ACE Web Specialist, Adobe Certified Instructor

Kari Selovuo

Partner, ACE Web Specialist, Adobe Certified Instructor

Kari is an experienced trainer in designing and coding the web. Kari has a background in software development in both backend and frontend. Practical hands-on experience and active learning and interests in evolving technologies guarantee a successful consultation or training. Besides – Kari can speak code in human languages! So that even a layman can understand all complicated technological details. Kari’s motto is: “Nothing is ever ready, nothing is ever perfect and nothing is permanent”

Email: kari@corellia.fi
Phone:  +358 44 0700 700

Sales and Marketing


Mari Häkkinen

Customer Service and Communications Manager

Mari has worked long in different organisations for developing know-how. Mari takes care of our clients, the practical side of courses and communication.

Email: mari@corellia.fi
Phone: +358 40 707 0202


Otso Pakarinen

Otso Pakarinen

Multiexpert of video

Tita Jänkälä

Tita Jänkälä

Director, editor

Janne Käki

Janne Käki

iOS application development expert

Janne Käki, M.Sc. (Tech.), is one of the most experienced developers of iOS applications and trainers of iOS application development in Finland. He has worked as a full-time iOS application developer since 2010, having been involved in the development of more than fifty applications. He has also taught the basics of making iOS apps to more than a hundred people.