Cloud computing, Azure and AI – Microsoft’s online workshop for universities

Microsoft is offering a free, hands-on, cloud computing training workshop for higher education institutions in Finland. Whether it’s image recognition, computing in Linux, machine learning with GPUs, or analyzing data streaming from devices for an IoT project, you can see how easy it is using Microsoft Azure cloud platform to help you deliver bigger, better and more reproducible research.

You will be able to access Microsoft Azure on you own computer during the training. You do not need to have the Microsoft Windows operating system installed on your laptop, as Microsoft Azure is accessed via Internet browser, Linux/Mac/Windows command-line and programming language APIs.

This course is for faculty, researchers, IT specialists supporting research and post-graduate students using any language, framework, or platform. This includes Linux, Python, R, MATLAB, Java, Hadoop, STORM, SPARK, and Microsoft technologies such as C#, F#, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, and various Microsoft Azure services.


  •  Preparations and Azure access before the workshop: 15 min before the workshop
  •  Welcome, presentation, Azure OpenAI, and Azure demo (60 min)
  • Hands-on exercises  (50 min)
  • Break (10 min)
  • Hands-on exercises (50 min)
  • End of the workshop (10 min)

Preliminary exercise topics:

  • Azure basics and infrastructure
  • Image recognition
  • Form recognition
  • Speech services (speech recognition, synthesized speech, real-time translations)
  • Explore data analytics in Azure with Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Automated Machine Learning
  • Data Science Virtual Machine

Trainers: Jussi Roine (North Advisors Oy) and Timo Hänninen (Microsoft Finland)

Maximum number of participants: 30

Language: English and questions can be asked also in Finnish

This is a remote training and it will be held through Teams

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Jussi Roine

Partner, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Azure Solutions Architect Expert  Jussi on työskennellyt haastavien IT-ratkaisujen parissa jo 90-luvulta lähtien. Viimeisen kymmenen vuoden aikana hän on keskittynyt erityisesti Azure-toteutuksiin. Aiemmin mm. Microsoftilla työskennelleellä,…