Implementing LAPS – On-Prem and Azure

Every company gets malware/ransomware, that’s a fact. But whether that becomes a problem or gets you on the news, depends on its ability to spread.

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One of the most common ways for malware to spread is called lateral movement which in Windows world is usually done with Pass-The-Hash attacks. PtH is not possible if you protect your environment correctly by leveraging multiple different solution for mitigating both PtH against local accounts and AD-accounts. PtH does not work against local accounts if you have Local Admin Password Solution (LAPS) implemented. Now remember, a correctly implemented LAPS will not make your life harder, but only safer. LAPS is a Break Glass -account solution, not a management solution, but most consultants treat is as such. Join this one-stop-shop workshop where you learn how to deploy LAPS correctly in any kind of an environment, and actually do it Hands-On as well. Don’t practice in production – join this workshop, let me show you how to do it, followed by you doing it yourself, and then go back to your environment with no guess-work anymore.

Join, Sami Laiho, a world leading security expert, in this webinar and learn how to implement and manage LAPS, both on-prem/hybrid and Azure AD only.

Target group

This course is good for IT- or security admins, or project leads.


Basic knowledge of Windows administration, (Azure) Active Directory and network infrastructureThe primary payment method is an invoice. The applicable value-added tax is added to the price of the training. If you would like to pay by credit card, please contact

Course Contents

Module 1: What is LAPS and how it’s used correctly

  • What is LAPS
  • Why/How was LAPS developed
  • Correct usage scenarios for LAPS

Module 2: Deploying LAPS

  • Deploying LAPS on-prem
  • Deploying LAPS in a Hybrid environment
  • Deploying LAPS in a Cloud-only solution

Module 3: Managing and Troubleshooting LAPS

  • Managing and troubleshooting on-prem
  • Managing and troubleshooting in Entra-ID (Azure AD)

Course Duration

1 days


Sami Laiho

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